What are Kaleidoscopes?

I make Kaleidoscopes out of photographs that I have taken in my back yard and around Livermore. Using Photoshop, I copy a pie-shaped slice out of an image, then copy and paste it around in a circle, flipping every other slice. The result is a lot like looking into a toy kaleidoscope, where images are reflected by mirrors into a pretty pattern. Depending on how many sides the image has, I might use 10 slices for a star shape, or up to 16 slices for a square shape. The Snowflake below has 6 sides (all snowflakes are 6-sided crystals), so I used 12 slices.

Kaleidoscope Explanation

I started making Kaleidoscopes back in 2008, and my first ones were of the historic buildings in downtown Livermore.


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NougatClockworks Autumn Leaves on Lincoln HighwayNature Donut Wheel, LivermoreLivermore Area Gold Snowflake on PurpleSnowflakes